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TOOTHPASTE FOR PREVENTION from Periodontal Disease With Neovitin ® - Oral care - CATALOG - Nanopeptidi

TOOTHPASTE FOR PREVENTION from Periodontal Disease With Neovitin ®

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TOOTHPASTE FOR PREVENTION from Periodontal Disease With Neovitin ®


  • prevents from the development of periodontal disease, stomatitis, gingivitis,
  • strengthens gums,
  • has a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect,
  • contributes to the restoration of normal microflora of the mouth,
  • protection for smokers (strengthens the periodontal soft tissues),
  • silica and titanium dioxide provide highly effective cleaning of the teeth,
  • pyrophosphates help to remove dental plaque and prevent from microorganisms to be left on the surface of the teeth,therefore preventing from dental caries.

Sorbitol, purified water, hydrated silica diokid glycerol, birch bark extract "Betulavit"®, sodium lauryl sulfate, flavor, potassium pyrophosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, bioflavolipidny complex "Aktivitin" bioantioksidantny complex "Neovitin"®, with ethylhexylglycerin phenoxyethanol, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, calcium glycerophosphate, aspartame, saccharin, titanium dioxide, lemon essential oil, SI19140 + CI42090.


Bio-аntioxidant complex Neovitin comes from original technology of the cultivated strains of biotechnological method from the ginseng biomass. The new technology allows achieving the most complete extraction of the complex without losing its antioxidant activity. Bio-antioxidant complex Neovitin is anti-inflammatory and has immune stimulatory effects. Synergistic effect of the active components of the complex leads to the production of antioxidant enzymes in the body and interferon, which inhibit the reaction of peroxide oxidation (destruction) of lipid cell membranes of blood vessels whilst strengthening them, and thereby increasing the resistance of the body. Neovitin controls the formation and leads to the physiological formation of the main instigators of premature aging - free radicals, which are developed of throughout human organism life. It is also the main agent to neutralize free radicals. The complex is stable during its storage period and has a high, penetrating ability through the epidermis, dermis and mucous membrane. It has been proved: Neovitin has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects, which result in its widest application in anti-aging skin and health care products and oral care. The unique properties of Neovitin have been confirmed by 11 patents and awarded gold medals RANS with the name of II Mechnikov "For a practical contribution of improving the health of the nation" and Paul Ehrlich of the European Commission for Academic awards "for outstanding achievements in the field of social and predictive medicine".



For thousands of years, traditional medicine has been using natural products from plants, animal and mineral origins. Typically, in traditional practice using medical plants which grow in the regions inhabited by patients, has a deep natural-scientific meaning: the nature of such plants ensures the survival and stability of their own ecosystem.

The technology has been developed and tested from the original two-phase extracts from medicinal plants of northern and central Russia (sage, chamomile, calendula, hpercium), and received its name as a bio-complex ACTIVITIN.



Plant extracts which are produced by the industry, include alcohol, propylene glycol, oil, carbon dioxide, etc.
In contrast to conventional extracts, bio copmplex ACTIVITIN, biologically active substances contained in the characteristic of the plant, given the nature of relationship that provides the most pronounced healing effect, and technology specialists proposed a two-phase extraction, in contrast to other known methods of extraction retrieves full native complex biological components.

Collect plants for bioflavolipidngo complex AKTIVITIN not accidental. The analysis of the extensive literature and own experimental data on the composition of the show that the resulting two-phase of these plants extract contains an exceptionally wide range of biologically active substances: as lipophilic (chlorophylls, carotenoids, phytosterols, terpenoids, fat-soluble vitamins) and hydrophilic (bioflavonoids, tannins, water-soluble vitamins), which provide a comprehensive therapeutic effect both on the problems, reduces skin inflammation, solves the problem of vitamin nutrition, moisturizing, regenerating, antioxidant and antimicrobial protection, improve skin turgor, and the body in general.


Bioflavolipidny Aktivitin complex is widely used in cosmetic products, manufactured by the company.



Кора березыThe unique healing properties and the snow-white birch trunks birch gives betulin substance from the class of triterpenoids (triterpene dialcohol lupane). White Birch retained even when the tree is completely decayed microflora resistant elm owes betulin.

Numerous studies have shown that betulin really has the most valuable pharmacological properties: anti-inflammatory; antibacterial and antifungal; antioxidant (slows the aging process), regenerating (acts on receptors in the skin responsible for the renewal of the epidermis); moisturizing (improves TEWL); antiallergic. Proven hepatoprotective, hypocholesterolemic, cholagogue. antilitogennye properties of betulin with internal applications. Extremely important is the antitumor effect of betulin in melanoma, carcinoma, tumors of the intestines.

The scientific team of the company offered an original technology (patent number 2,206,572) obtaining betulin food quality fullest extraction of the total amount of triterpene compounds. This technology forms the basis for the creation of a new commercial product Betulavit (birch bark extract) exclusive of raw materials for the cosmetic and food industry, which has the most valuable pharmacological properties: antioxidant, slows the aging process, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, regenerating, acting on receptors in the skin responsible for the renewal of the epidermis , moisturizing and anti-allergicThe new technology provides an introduction betulin into finished products at the level of micellar colloidal dispersion, which allows to achieve the maximum degree of distribution on the surface of the skin penetration betulic factions in stratum corneum (horny layer of the epidermis) and high performance cosmetics.

Betulin concentrates have also been developed for incorporation into food products as dietary supplements, which provide high bioavailability of the drug.


In order to obtain the maximum effect it is recommended to use Revidont Professional toothepaste at least 2 times a day. Children under 7 years of age should brush their teeth only with adult supervision.

63 g

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