Peptide Complex №4 - for joints

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PEPTIDE COMPLEX PK 04 is the joints peptide complex for external use. It contains natural peptides of the cartilage and thymus, extracted from the corresponding organs of young animals.

Liquid peptide complexes are a joint development of St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology and Scientific and Production Center of Revitalization and Health (Peptides).

Traditionally, peptide bioregulators of natural origin were offered either in the form of injectable drugs or in the form of capsules for internal administration. The outcome of the joint work was configurations of extremely purified peptide fractions, which are able to penetrate any physiological barriers without any mediators (conductors). As a result, a generation of natural peptide bioregulators for external use was developed, which has stood the test of time and proved its effectiveness.

The resulting peptide complexes (PC) are applied on the inner surface of the forearm in the projection of the veins and rubbed in until completely absorbed. After 7-15 minutes, the peptides bind to the dendritic cells, which transport them further to the lymph nodes, where the peptides "change their transport" and are sent with blood flow to the necessary organs and tissues.


  • Prevention of pre-mature ageing,
  • Arthritis,
  • Osteochondrosis,
  • Rheumatism.

Guaranteed authenticity and quality:

100% original product from Peptides 

Cartilage peptide (А-4)

Has biological activity, which manifests itself in normalization of metabolism in bone and cartilage tissues, promotes regeneration of joints and connective tissues of skin framework.


Thymus peptide (А-6)

Activates the cell link of immune system and fully encompasses the entire immune response process, restoring and normalizing the immunocompetent cell interaction, antibody synthesis, and the entire immune response. It has a regulating effect on the cells of the thymus gland, accelerates maturation of different populations of T-lymphocytes, equalizes the ratio of T and B-lymphocytes, normalizes the immune response, has oncoprotective effect.


Essential oil of cloves

In medical use clove oil is effectively used to: improve memory; recuperation; wound healing; Treatment of vertigo; treating respiratory diseases; improve digestion, increase appetite; prevention of arthritis, rheumatism; prevention of influenza, SARS; normalization of blood pressure; reducing pain sprains and accelerate the healing process.



Bio-аntioxidant complex Neovitin comes from original technology of the cultivated strains of biotechnological method from the ginseng biomass. The new technology allows achieving the most complete extraction of the complex without losing its antioxidant activity. Bio-antioxidant complex Neovitin is anti-inflammatory and has immune stimulatory effects. Synergistic effect of the active components of the complex leads to the production of antioxidant enzymes in the body and interferon, which inhibit the reaction of peroxide oxidation (destruction) of lipid cell membranes of blood vessels whilst strengthening them, and thereby increasing the resistance of the body. Neovitin controls the formation and leads to the physiological formation of the main instigators of premature aging - free radicals, which are developed of throughout human organism life. It is also the main agent to neutralize free radicals. The complex is stable during its storage period and has a high, penetrating ability through the epidermis, dermis and mucous membrane. It has been proved: Neovitin has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects, which result in its widest application in anti-aging skin and health care products and oral care. The unique properties of Neovitin have been confirmed by 11 patents and awarded gold medals RANS with the name of II Mechnikov "For a practical contribution of improving the health of the nation" and Paul Ehrlich of the European Commission for Academic awards "for outstanding achievements in the field of social and predictive medicine".


From 6-8 drops apply on the inner elbow part of the arm, perfom massage movements until the substance is completly absorbed. Duration - 3 months. Up to 6 peptide complexes can be used at the same time.

10 ml

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