Revilab Collagen - 3 types of collagen + vitamin C

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Revilab peptide collagen — is an innovative peptide product created in accordance with the modern requirements of cosmetologists and clinicians, and has a high protective and antioxidant effect on the entire body. The uniqueness of revilab peptide collagen lies in the combination of 2 types of bioavailable collagen, a peptide bioregulator and a fat-soluble form of vitamin C, which, acting in combination, trigger and stimulate all stages of the formation and assembly of collagen in the body. Revilab peptide collagen will support the health of joints, ligaments, cartilage, while helping to maintain the beauty of hair, skin and nails at any age.

Contains cartilage peptide.

For a maximum anti-aging effect, the complex application of revilab Age-3 Complex is recommended: Revilab Elements, Сыворотка №5 Revilab Anti-A.G.E.


  • Improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails, helps smooth fine wrinkles, improves skin firmness and elasticity, slows down the aging process;
  • Increases joint mobility, strengthens ligaments;
  • Restores collagen reserves, stimulates the syn-thesis of its own collagen;
  • Strengthens the structure of cartilaginous tis-sue, providing its strength and elasticity.


eptide complex AA-9 (cartilage tissue peptide); fish collagen, giant squid collagen (native collagen), ascorbyl palmitate (a fat-soluble form of vitamin C).
Main components:
Peptide complex AA-9 (cartilage tissue peptide)

It has biological activity and has a directed effect on connective tissue cells. It contributes to the normalization of the metabolism of connective tissue cells and stimulates the synthesis of collagen in bone and cartilage tissues, the vascular wall and the connective tissues of the skin frame. Helps accelerate regeneration processes in case of damage to the intra-articular ligaments, meniscus, and synovial bag.

Fish Collagen

It is the most bioavailable source of collagen to the body compared to others, due to its low molecular weight and size, and allows for efficient absorption through the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream. In the shortest possible time, it makes up for the deficiency in the use and assimilation of protein, especially in the case of significant problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It is a source of amino acids and peptides necessary to restart collagen synthesis. It has a positive effect on the state of blood vessels, improves blood circulation. Accelerates the process of rehabilitation after injuries and surgical interventions. It has a restorative effect during intense physical activities. Strengthens the structure of ligaments of bone, muscle tissue and articular joints. Improves the condition and aesthetic properties of skin, hair and nails.

Giant squid collagen (native collagen)

Native marine collagen type 1-3 with a preserved bioactive structure - triple helisa - is produced from the tissues of deep-sea giant squids living in the natural environment of ecologically clean Antarctic regions of the Pacific Ocean. It is easily absorbed, without causing clinical side effects, and does not have antigenicity (it is not perceived by the body as alien or potentially dangerous). It has proven itself as a chondroprotector, reduces pain in the joints and tendons, and the recovery time for the volume of articular movements, ensuring the success of postoperative and post-traumatic rehabilitation. It activates the production of its own collagen by fibroblasts, increases the level of hydration, density, firmness and elasticity of the skin. Stimulates hair growth and prevents from brittle nails.

Vitamin C (fat soluble form)

It has pronounced antioxidant properties, and helps reduce the parameters of oxidative stress. Participates in the formation of tetrahydrofolic acid and tissue regeneration, the synthesis of steroid hormones, collagen, and procollagen. It is necessary for the correct passage of all stages of the formation and assembly of collagen in the body. Maintains the colloidal state of the intercellular substance and normal capillary permeability (inhibits hyaluronidase). Regulates immunological reactions (activates the synthesis of antibodies, the C3 component of complement, interferon), promotes phagocytosis, increases the body's resistance to infections. It inhibits the release and accelerates the degradation of histamine, inhibits the formation of prostaglandins and other mediators of inflammation and allergic reactions.

Adults: 1 tablet 2-3 times daily with meals. The duration of admission is 4-6 weeks. If necessary, the course can be repeated.
60 lozenges of 1.4 g

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