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The "Mamiton" Gel Cream for the chest and décolleté is an effective non-hormonal peptide product that took the best from the plant world. Its functions were specially enhanced with the help of the latest biotechnologies. It improves tissue microcirculation, has anti-inflammatory properties, while giving firmness and elasticity to the delicate skin of the chest and décolleté. The gel cream prevents the formation of fibrocystic changes, promotes the restoration of metabolic processes in the glandular tissue, has a lifting effect and helps to maintain the shape of the mammary glands.

Contains peptides of the B-link of the immune system and cartilage.

It is recommended in combination with the “Mamiton” bioregulator for the prevention of mastopathy and neoplasms.

Peptide complexes: AA-3 (B-link of the immune system), AA-9 (cartilage); oils: grape seed, avocado, shea; extracts: horsetail, gotu-kola, hops, CO2 rosemary extract; bioflavolipid complex "Activitin"®, betaine, panthenol, soluble collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, vitamin complex (PP, B5, C, E, B6); squalane, aloe vera gel, allantoin, orange essential oil.
Main components:
Peptide complex of the B-link of the immune system (AA-3)
Influences the reactions of cellular, humoral immunity. Stimulates regeneration processes in case of their inhibition, improves the course of cellular metabolism processes.

Cartilage peptide complex (AA-9)
Promotes the regeneration of the connective tissues of the skin matrix: enhances the speedy healing of postoperative wounds, reducing the manifestations of postoperative scars.

Grape seed oil
Restores the natural moisture level of the skin, improves its tone and elasticity, and evens out the skin’s surface.

 Avocado oil
Regulates deep hydration and nutrition, restores the integrity of the skin, stimulates cellular metabolism and accelerates the skin’s acquisition of firmness and elasticity.

Shea oil
Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, has a rejuvenating and tonic effect, softens the skin and protects against the harmful effects of the environment.

Horsetail extract
It has a tonic and draining effect, improves microcirculation and tissue nutrition.

Centella Asiatica Extract (Gotu Kola)
Helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and improve the lymphatic drainage function of the skin. Accelerates healing and restoration of skin integrity, prevents scarring and pigmentation.

Common hop extract
Improves microcirculation in the skin, increases its elasticity and firmness due to the concentration of flavonoids and the phytoestrogen 8-prenylnaringenin.

Rosemary extract CO2
It has an anti-inflammatory effect, improves metabolic and regenerative processes in the skin, and prevents the formation of cross-links.

Bioflavolipid complex "Activitin"
It has antioxidant and antiseptic properties, accelerates the processes of tissue regeneration, and improves the quality of granulatio

Maintains skin hydration, eliminates the feeling of tightness, peeling and roughening of the skin. Accelerates the healing of minor abrasions and injuries, soothes itching.

Stimulates the movement of epithelial cells and increased proliferative activity, increases the density of collagen fibers, accelerates the granulation and epithelialization of the wound defect.

Soluble collagen and hydrolyzed elastin
A thin elastic film of peptides and protein fragments is formed on the surface of the skin, which maintains skin moisture and has a slight tightening effect.

Vitamin complex (PP, B5, C, E, B6)
Prevents the appearance of unwanted pigmentation, has a wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect, stimulating the formation of granulation tissue.

Fills the space between the horny cells of the epidermis, prevents peeling and reduces redness of the skin, making it smooth and silky. Increases the skin's ability to assimilate and the effectiveness of other active ingredients of the cream.

Aloe Vera Gel
It has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties and provides wound healing with minimal risk of scarring.

It has a softening and moisturizing effect, promotes the separation of dead cells, activates the renewal of epidermal cells, and stimulates the activity of fibroblasts.

Orange essential oil
Improves skin tone, prevents stretch marks, suitable for use on the skin in the décolleté area.

Apply gel cream to cleansed skin with light massaging movements. Repeat if necessary.
50 ml

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