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The drug is based on natural ingredients, which normalize the female reproductive system, improves the immune status of the body, has a powerful antioxidant, antimitotic action particularly at risk of developing cancer pathology associated with hormonal disorders. Resveratrol, which is part of the drug, not only prevents the development of malignant tumors, but also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, as well as stimulates the synthesis of collagen, thereby improving skin and hair.


  • various forms of mastitis
  • disruption of the menstrual cycle
  • prevention of hormone-dependent diseases of the female reproductive system ( breast , uterus and appendages )
  • prevention of female cancer pathology
  • Smooth and mild correction of the endocrine system
  • optimization of the female hormonal status

Extracts : horsetail , nettle, kelp thallus , motherwort , rosehips , knotweed , mint , hops , walnut ; resveratrol, vitamins A and E.

Auxiliary materials : MCC or lactose , calcium stearate .

Recommended as a source of resveratrol and additional source of vitamins A and E.

Hips extract

Contains more amount of vitamins and microelements. Has a restorative effect, stimulates nonspecific resistance of the organism, enhances tissue regeneration, reduces vascular permeability, takes part in carbohydrate and mineral metabolism, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Has immunostimulating (in respect of humoral and cellular immunity) and choleretic action (due to the presence of organic acids and flavonoids).


Nettle Leaf Extract

Contains different compounds that have beneficial effects on the body, among them are mineral components: potassium, chromium, calcium, iron, manganese, iodine, and sodium, in addition, copper. It is also rich in vitamin K, which helps prevent uterine bleeding. Has antiseptic, and also anti-inflammatory effect. The areas of application of nettle in medicine are many, but it is precisely in the treatment of gynecological diseases that this plant is most in demand.

Due to the content of chlorophyll in the nettle, decoctions and tinctures from this plant are used to restore the contractile activity of the uterus and reduce bleeding in the postpartum period. In addition, chlorophyll promotes regeneration of the mucous tissue and a decrease in the manifestations of the inflammatory reaction. In complex therapy is used in the treatment of erosion of the cervix, vulvitis and vulvovaginitis.


Vitamins A (retinol)

Stimulates the production of immune cells, thereby increasing the barrier functions of the body and strengthening immunity. Protects cells from free radicals and is a preventative against cancerous growths. In addition, vitamin A protects the body from premature aging and the development of many diseases (heart, blood vessels, brain).


Vitamins E

It is an antioxidant, that is, it protects cells from pathological peroxidation, which leads to their aging and death. Peroxide oxidation plays an important role in the development of malignant processes in the body, so it is believed that antioxidants protect against cancer. With a lack of vitamin E cells become susceptible to the action of toxic substances, damage is faster, immunity is weakened.



Horsetail herb extract

Has a wide range of medicinal properties, providing the body with a fortifying and cleansing effect. The alkaloids and antioxidants present in the tail strengthen the defenses of the body, helping it to fight various types of infections and even with cancer cells. In addition, horsetail and preparations based on it are used for uterine and hemorrhoidal bleedings. The horsetail field is effective for atony of the uterus.



Thallus extract

The therapeutic effect is due primarily to the presence in it of organic compounds and iodine. Iodine improves protein assimilation, assimilation of phosphorus, calcium and iron, activates a number of enzymes. Under the influence of iodine, the viscosity of the blood decreases, the tone of blood vessels and blood pressure decrease. Phytohormones and vitamins contained in it stimulate the repair of the mucous membranes of female genital organs. The halide group of elements (chlorine, iodine, bromine) exerts a disinfecting effect. Iodine of laminaria has a regulating effect on the menstrual cycle, ovaries and thyroid gland, reduces the pathological manifestations of pre-climax.



Herb sponge extract

It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, hemostatic (including hemorrhoidal and uterine bleeding), restorative properties, promotes acceleration of wound healing, reduces bleeding of mucous membranes, helps with infertility, because it favors normal function of the uterus and ovaries and promotes conception. is used in the postpartum period - with insufficient reverse development of the uterus, with uterine bleeding after abortion. iron deficiency anemia caused by bleeding juvenile.


Peppermint herb extract

It has analgesic as well as vasodilating properties. Eliminates nausea, is used for painful menstruation. Broths of mint drink as a soothing agent, with various gynecological diseases. Peppermint is also used as a tonic heart drug that removes tachycardia, stimulating blood circulation, which also has a diaphoretic property.


Hops cone extract

Contains a natural phytoestrogen, which is similar in its effect to the female hormone estrogen, has the ability to restore the hormonal background, which positively affects women's health. In addition, this herbal component has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative effects. Improves the health of women in menopause.


Extract of the pericarp walnut

Contains unique compounds of Yuglons and polyphenols. It supports the function of the thyroid gland. It is recommended in programs for body cleansing and weight loss. Due to the Yuglon, it exhibits a unique anti-trichomonadic effect comparable to that of metronidazole (trichopolis) for plant remedies. It is recommended for the support of the thyroid gland, with immunodeficiency states and the threat of development of fibro-cystic processes. Due to the antioxidant action binds free radicals.


Adults and children over 14 years: 1 capsule 1-2 times a day during meals. Course duration is 1 month. Possible to repeat the course 3-4 times a year.

60 capsules 0,39 gr

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