Cosmetics Reviline

The unique peptide series of cellular cosmetics REVILINE®, created in collaboration with the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology and the Chemical and Biological Association at the Russian Academy of Sciences VITA, confidently holds leading positions among skin care products with a pronounced anti-age effect.

Formula creams are designed with the latest innovations in the world of cosmetology. The functional components of cosmetics are carefully selected, tested and tested. Each cream has passed the mandatory dermatological control.

Cellular cosmetics REVILINE® is made on the production of the European level, which has been certified according to international standards of quality control ISO and GMP. This means that the most serious requirements for the quality of creams are the same as for the production of pharmaceuticals. This makes REVILINE® cosmetics one of the most effective means to preserve youth and healthy skin.                                                                

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