Herbal teas of the Ayurveda series. The exclusive line of Ayurveda herbal teas of the fourth generation based on Ayurvedic and traditional herbs and spices has a beneficial effect on the state of certain body systems. Each of the presented herbal tea recipes is based on the principle of bringing the processes into balance. In the Ayurveda line, we tried to replace as much as possible Ayurvedic herbs and spices in oriental recipes with traditional ones, close in spirit, energy and microelemen...
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Tea for the normalization of the respiratory system


tea for liver and biliary tract

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Vedomix tea

Tea for smooth purification of organism from toxins.

Gelmax tea

Tea with immunomodulatory and anti-parasitic properties.

Dianorm tea

Tea for normalization of stomach, duodenum and pancreas a...

Relanorm tea

Tea for normalization of central nervous system activity.

Flonorm tea

Tea for normalization of urinary tract activity