Herbal teas of the Ayurveda series.
The exclusive line of Ayurveda herbal teas of the fourth generation based on Ayurvedic and traditional herbs and spices has a beneficial effect on the state of certain body systems. Each of the presented herbal tea recipes is based on the principle of bringing the processes into balance. In the Ayurveda line, we tried to replace as much as possible Ayurvedic herbs and spices in oriental recipes with traditional ones, close in spirit, energy and microelement composition. Nevertheless, in oriental medicine there are a number of plants that are unique in their nature and properties, and there is simply no alternative to them in classical medicine. They are included in the basic herbal teas, encouraging the body to self-regulation, detoxification, strengthening the immune system and slowing down the aging process.

Each box of tea is unique and contains its own philosophy of health:

Alvenorm is free breathing.
Bilinorm is a detox philosophy.
Vedomix - gentle cleansing of the body.
Helmax - elimination of danger.
Dianorm - maintaining the fire of digestion.
Korgiton - the heart is protected.
Relanorm - inner peace.
Flonorm - taking care of the body's smart filter.
Perfect shape - perfect lines.

Warm tones were chosen as the main color scheme, which creates a certain coziness. As well as shades of Indian henna, which emphasize the fact that this tea contains spices in its composition.

The collection of Ayurveda tea drinks will give you health and good mood!

Tea for the normalization of the respiratory system


tea for liver and biliary tract

Vedomix tea

Tea for smooth purification of organism from toxins.

Gelmax tea

Tea with immunomodulatory and anti-parasitic properties.

Dianorm tea

Tea for normalization of stomach, duodenum and pancreas a...

Korgiton tea

Tea for normalization of cardiovascular system activity

Relanorm tea

Tea for normalization of central nervous system activity.

Flonorm tea

Tea for normalization of urinary tract activity