Gelmax tea

Tea with immunomodulatory and anti-parasitic properties.
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Phytotea is the infusion or broth of fruits, flowers, stalks or roots of various herbs, which is well influencing the condition of various organism systems, depending on a combination of components of the obtained drink. Its structure, besides vitamins and mineral substances, includes amino acids, essential oils, tannin and many other useful combinations. Regular application of phytoteas at observance of the certain dosage, which isn't exceeding the daily need of an organism for nutrients, is capable to normalize metabolic processes and increase immunity.

Tea with immunomodulatory and anti-parasitic properties. Removes organism intoxication symptoms. Raises a tone and immunity. Normalizes functions of intestines and lungs. Interferes the growth of fungal flora after antibiotical therapy.


  • states caused by immunosuppression,
  • parasitic and fungal invasions as a part of complex programs,
  • chronic intoxication,
  • microflora violations,
  • digestion violations,
  • when conducting programs of complex purification of an organism.

Green tea, ginger root (Zingiber officinale), buckthorn alder bark (Frangula alnus Mill.), clove (Dianthus L.), peppermint herb (Mentha piperita L.), licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.), hypericum perforatum herb (Herbe Hypericum), cinnamon (Canella altia and C. laurifolia), cardamom fruits (Elettaria Cardamomum L.), extract emblica fruits (Emblica officinalis L.).

How to apply:

Once at night, on an empty stomach.

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