Chonluten lingual for the respiratory system

1 pack for 10 days
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For the respiratory system

Chonluten lingual represents a complex of the short peptides contributing to normalization of liver and bronchial tube mucous membrane cells.

The efficiency of Chonluten lingual food supplement was defined in clinical studies. It is effective in the complex treatment of patients with impaired functions of the lungs and bronchi in acute and chronic respiratory diseases of infectious and non-infectious origin, as well as to maintain the function of the respiratory system in elderly and senile people.

Recommended in case of:

  • chronic respiratory insufficiency;
  • chronic cardiopulmonary insufficiency;
  • after pneumonia;
  • consequences of long artificial lung ventilation;
  • respiratory distress syndrome;
  • lung tuberculosis in a remission stage;
  • thorax injuries;
  • burns of the upper respiratory tracts;
  • consequences of lung toxic damages, including poisonings with carbon monoxide;
  • intensive sports activities;
  • maintenance of respiratory system function at people of advanced and senile age.



Water, peptide complex AC-7 (glutamic acid, aspartic acid, glycine).
Daily dose (1 ml) contains 0.1 mg of peptide complex AC-7.

How to apply:

Adults take under the tongue 5–6 drops (0.25–0.35 ml) for 10–15 minutes before eating 3–4 times a day. The duration of the intake is 1 month. It is recommended to repeat the intake in 3–6 months.

10 ml

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