Glandokort - peptide fractions of the adrenal glands, 60 capsules

1 pack per month
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Glandokort is a peptide bioregulator specifically harnessed to boost function in the adrenal gland.


  • Works alongside the adrenal gland to restore and re-energize itself,
  • Combats adrenal fatigue or weak glands by maintaining adrenal activity,
  • Imperative for both emotional and physical well-being,
  • Serves the same role as peptide bioregulators developed naturally in the body,
  • No adverse side effects.

Do not take Epiphysis Endoluten and Adrenal Glandocort at the same time.

The epiphysis drug Endoluten, when used correctly, physiologically introduces the adrenal glands into a certain rhythm, and the adrenal drug, Glandocort, has a stimulating effect on the adrenal glands, so separate the intake of these drugs.

Content (per 1 capsule):  peptide complex A-17 (extract from the adrenal gland); microcrystalline cellulose (E460); gelatin; beet sugar; lactose; farina; twin-80; titanium dioxide (Е171).

Daily dose contains: (2 capsules), 20mg of peptide complex A-17 

Recommendations for application: adult men 1-2 capsules. 1-2 times a day during meals. 
Receiving duration: one month.

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