Endoluten lingual pineal gland bioregulator

1 pack for 10 days
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For the endocrine system (pineal gland)

Complex of peptide fractions, discharged from epiphysis (pineal gland) of young animals. Discharged peptides, included in ‘Endoluten lingual’, possess selective action to neuroendocrine system cells, normalize metabolism in epiphysis cells and melatonin secretion, regulate hormonal metabolism, have regulatory effect to epiphysis and to all organism in general. ‘Endoluten lingual’ is one of the most effective products for increase of life expectancy and delay of presenilation processes, since it is endogenous melatonin inductor in human organism.

Under action of ‘Endoluten lingual’ synthesis of melatonin becomes more active up to physiologically optimum sizes of healthy organism level. Food supplement restores synthesis of endogenous melatonin. Epiphysis peptides, included in ‘Endoluten lingual’, are identical to those that neither developes healthy human body, and for this reason the overdose, nor side effects during intake are possible. It was confirmed by long-term clinical researches. ‘Endoluten lingual’ restores production of melatonin only to physiological norm, has bioregulating effect and balances vital processes in human body.

Recommended for:

  • normalization of neuroendocrine system function, 
  • normalization of all cyclic processes in organism,
  • synchronization of biological clock,
  • normalization of reproductive system activity and increase in fertility (reproductive ability),
  • delay and smoothing of climax manifestations,
  • prevention of oncological diseases,
  • increase in immunity,
  • prevention of presenilation and increase in life expectancy.

Water, peptide complex A-8 (epiphysis peptides).

Daily dose (1 ml) contains 10 mg of peptide complex A-8.

Adults are recommended to take 3-4 drops once a day before 12.00 noon, 10-15 minutes before meals. Duration of admission is 1 month. Recommended to be repeated in 3–6 months.

10 ml

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