Neuro 3 linguals.For attention and memory. Contains natural Peptides

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For attention and memory. Contains Khavinson Peptides
Neuro 3 linguals — Natural peptide complex of the "Cytomax" class for sublingual use — Khavinson peptides, triple action for attention and memory.

Synergy of three bioregulators based on natural peptides stimulates the nervous system and improves the performance brain. The composition includes peptides of the brain, blood vessels, and liver. Due to their properties, bioregulators help people prone to chronic stress, mental overexertion or busy with intense mental labor, easier to carry loads.

In old age, the effect of polypeptides is aimed at improving the lipid composition of the blood, maintaining health vessels. Peptides have a beneficial impact on memory, attention, and thinking.
Cerluten lingual, Ventfort lingual, Svetinorm lingual

How to apply:
Cerluten lingual — 8-10 drops daily
Ventfort lingual — 8-10 drops daily
Svetinorm lingual — 12-14 drops daily

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