Taxorest lingual bioregulator of the respiratory system

1 pack for 10 days
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For the respiratory system 

Complex of peptide fractions, acquired from bronchial tubes mucous membrane of young animals. Discharged peptides possess selective action to cells of bronchial tubes mucous membrane, normalize metabolism, and increase their functional activity. 

The efficiency of ‘Taxorest lingual’ food supplement was defined at clinical studying. It is effective for restoration of bronchial tubes functional activity at violations of various genesis, including influence of external environment extreme factors, after acute and chronic diseases of respiratory system of infectious and noninfectious genesis, including chronic bronchitis and bronchitis of smokers, at bronchial asthma, and at aging for maintenance of respiratory system function.


  • chronic bronchitis,
  • bronchitis of smoker,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,
  • chronic cardiac deficiency,
  • after diseases of bronchial tubes and lungs of various genesis.

Water, peptide complex A-19 (bronchial mucosa peptides).

Daily dose (1 ml) contains 10 mg of peptide complex A-19.

Adults are recommended to take under the tongue 5–6 drops (0.25–0.35 ml) for 10–15 minutes before eating 3–4 times a day. The duration of admission is 1 month. It is recommended to repeat the reception in 3–6 months.

10 ml

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