Vision 3 linguals.For the organs of vision. Contains natural Peptides

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For the organs of vision. Contains Khavinson Peptides
Vision 3 linguals — Natural peptide complex of the "Cytomax" class for sublingual use — Khavinson peptides, triple action for the organs of vision.

A complex of three bioregulators that support and restore visual function. Usage bioregulators allow you to maintain vision while increased loads, reduce the risks of developing pathology, improve visual acuity and electrophysiological indicators of the process of retinal neurons.

Reception of the complex will be helpful for people who often expose their eyes to great stress when working with a PC, watching TV, reading in a dimly lit environment place or while driving.

Visoluten lingual, Cerluten lingual, Ventfort lingual

How to apply:
Visoluten lingual — 12-14 drops daily
Cerluten lingual — 8-10 drops daily
Ventfort lingual — 8-10 drops daily

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