Vladonix lingual bioregulator of the immune system

1 pack for 10 days
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For immune system

Complex of peptide fractions acquired from thymus of young calfs. Discharged peptides possess selective action to immune system cells, normalize metabolism in cells and regulate functions of immune system. 

The efficiency of ‘Vladonix lingual’ food supplement was defined at clinical studying. It is effective for complex immunity recovering after diseases of various genesis, at pathological states leading to violation of immune system functions, at influence of external environment extreme factors, malnutrition and also at aging.


  • primary and secondary immunodeficiencies,
  • prevention of oncological diseases,
  • after diseases,
  • various chronic intoxications,
  • during rehabilitation after heart attack and stroke,
  • after surgeries,
  • for rejuvenation of organism as a part of complex programs.

Water, peptide complex A-6 (thymus gland peptides).

Daily dose (1 ml) contains 10 mg of peptide complex A-6.

Adults are recommended to take under the tongue 5–6 drops (0.25–0.35 ml) for 10–15 minutes before eating 3–4 times a day. The duration of admission is 1 month. It is recommended to repeat the reception in 3–6 months.

10 ml

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