Zinsil-T - A source of Zinc

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A source of Zinc

Integrated product based on zinc, glycine and pyridoxine for extending active longevity. It has an impact on key links in the chain of the pathogenesis of accelerated aging, correcting the work of multiple enzymes and hormones, as well as restoring immune and antioxidant statuses. It is has approved about its ability to prevent cancer pathology.


  • prevention of premature aging,
  • improving immunity and antioxidant status,
  • stress,
  • insomnia,
  • stroke and traumatic brain injury,
  • allergies,
  • skin diseases,
  • disorders of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism,
  • diabetes,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • vegetative dystonia,
  • hypertension.

Sugar powder, glycine, citrate, zinc, vitamin B6, natural sweetener stevioside- flavor "Orange", natural dye turmeric (E100). Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose and calcium stearate. Is recommended as an additional source of glycine, zinc and vitamin B6.


2 tablets contain not less than:

Glycine - 500 mg, which is 14.3% *

Zinc - 8.6 mg, which is 71.7% *

Vitamin B6 - 1.5 mg, 75% *

* Of the recommended daily requirement.


Zinc is essential for a healthy functioning of all the cells in our body. Like ascorbic acid, zinc inhibits the development of viral infections, stimulates the production of white blood cells - one of the antitumor components of the immune system, and supports the overall activity of neutrophils, T-lymphocytes, and our natural anti-cells (natural killer cells).

Another valuable feature of zinc is its ability to correct the level of sugar in our blood. Minerals help pancreas to produce insulin and protect them from the binding sites on cell membranes that are responsible for bringing the hormone into the cells. Zinc also helps to reduce high cholesterol level.

Symptoms of almost all skin diseases disappear with increasing zinc reserves in our organism. Zinc promotes protein synthesis, restoring a healthy body weight. In addition, zinc helps during medical treatments and prevention of cataracts.



Glycine significantly improves the absorption of zinc and, in addition, has a number of remarkable properties. It is able to reduce the psycho-emotional stress, aggression, conflict, enhance social inclusion, improves mood, normalize sleep to improve mental performance, and reduces the toxic effects of alcohol and other drugs which depress the central nervous system function (CNS).


Vitamin В6

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) performs a variety of tasks, the most important of which is to ensure the metabolism of amino acids. In addition, pyridoxine is involved in the exchange of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.

According to neuroscientists, people with depression should receive increased doses of vitamin B6. Pyridoxine is involved in the reproduction of red blood cells (RBC) and hemoglobin.

Pyridoxine plays an important role not only in protein metabolism, but also in fatty and carbohydrate metabolism. Equally important is the excretion of pyridoxine in the muscle and liver of carbohydrates in the blood. This process is very important for smooth supply of glucose to billions of nerve cells. It involves about half of the total available vitamin B6 in the human body.

Lack of pyridoxine reduces the amount of synthesis of antibodies and creates a higher risk tomall kinds of illness.


Adults and children over 14 years old: 1 tablet 2 times a day, chewing it properly. Course duration 1 month. If necessary, the cource can be repetated.

20 capsules of 1,0 g

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