Zhenoluten - peptide fractions of the ovaries, 60 capsules

1 pack per month
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Zhenoluten is a natural peptide complex extracted from the ovaries of young animals (calves no older than 12 months of age). Such peptides have beneficial effects on the ovary cells by regulating their function and metabolism, induce oocyte maturation and resume cyclic ovarian activity. 

Clinical studies have shown that Zhenoluten is efficient in restoring the female reproductive system that is affected by various adverse factors and pathological states like menstrual irregularities, menopausal disorders, hypovarianism, female infertility due to hormone imbalance etc. Zhenoluten is recommended for women over 40 to maintain their reproductive system and prevent its further disorders. 


  • Ovarian dysfunction 
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Endometriosis
  • Anogyny
  • Menopausal disorders
  • Hormone related diseases of the female reproductive system
  • Low libido 

Ingredients: Peptide complex A-15 (peptides from ovaries). Inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose (E460), beetroot sugar, lactose, starch, Tween-80.
Daily dose contains: (2 capsules), 20 mg of peptide complex A-15. 

1-2 capsules, twice a day during food intake. Duration: 1 month. Repeat every 3-6 months.

60 capsules of 0,2 g

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