Respiro 3 linguals.For the respiratory system. Contains natural Peptides

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For the respiratory system. Contains Khavinson Peptides
Respiro 3 linguals — Natural peptide complex of the "Cytomax" class for sublingual use — Khavinson peptides, triple action for the respiratory system

It is a complex of bioregulators based on natural peptides that help restore work respiratory system and immune support.

It promotes effective protection against ARVI, regulates metabolic processes in the respiratory system and increases resistance of cells of the bronchial mucosa to external and internal negative influences.

Ventfort lingual, Vladonix lingual, Taxorest lingual

How to apply:
Ventfort lingual — 12-14 drops daily
Vladonix lingual — 12-14 drops daily
Taxorest lingual — 12-14 drops daily

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