The liver is the body's main laboratory, where millions of chemical reactions take place every minute. Liver diseases affect the state of other organs - the whole organism as a whole. Therefore, in the absence of hepatic symptoms, so-called "non-hepatic" manifestations are often observed, which hepatologists call "masks" of liver disease. “Non-hepatic” manifestations, in addition to malaise, weakness, include pain in the joints and muscles, various skin m...
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tea for liver and biliary tract

Complex 3D - detoxicants and antioxidants

1 pack per month

Ovagen lingual for the digestive system

1 pack for 10 days

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Peptide complex №8 - for liver

1 pack per month

Svetinorm lingual Liver bioregulator

1 pack for 10 days

«Ardiliv» - liver Restoration

2 packs per month

Vedomix tea

Tea for smooth purification of organism from toxins.

Dianorm tea

Tea for normalization of stomach, duodenum and pancreas a...