Peptide cream for legs from varicose veins (RN11)

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Cream for legs from varicose veins with peptides - exclusive cosmetics with perfectly matched components, guaranteeing maximum effect, reduce the severity of varicose veins. The cream has a very high penetration power, hypoallergenic.

Cream for legs from varicose veins with peptides provides gentle skin care for legs with varicose veins, eases fatigue and pain symptoms, protects against aggressive environmental influences.

Contains peptides -  from vessels (vascular wall) and bone-cartilage.

Distilled water, peptide complexes А-3, А-4, castor oil, bio-antioxidant complex “Neovitin”®, emulsive wax, glycerin monostearate, bis-diglyceryl polyacyladipate-2, cyclomethicone, dimethicone, witch-haze extractl, horse chestnut extract, phenoxyethanol with ethylhexylglycerin, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiasolinone, menthol, EDTA, triethanolamine, perfume composition.


Varicose veins - a disease that is accompanied by the expansion of the superficial veins of the legs. As a result of the failure of the valve unit develops veins and blood flow disturbance.To predispose varicose vein valves birth defect and failure of the connective tissue. Because of the risk factors need to identify obesity; Exposure to a standing position (for example, at work); endocrine disorders in women, accompanied by an increase in estrogen levels in the blood; pregnancy; wearing stockings with tight elastic bands; smoking; alcohol consumption; consumption of large quantities of red pepper.

So, the best and most proven means of herbal medicine varicose veins, has long been used in classical medicine, it is the horse chestnut (Aesculus hyppocastanum).From flowers chestnut prepare both external and internal medicine. Enormous amount of experimental work has shown that drugs chestnut possess all the properties required for the treatment of varicose veins. Chestnut strengthens the venous wall, removes inflammation, thins the blood, reducing its clotting activity.The experiment was also discovered and confirmed the fact that the traditional aqueous or alcoholic extracts from plants, which contains all the substances chestnut is much more efficient (several times), preparations containing a substance taken separately, in its purest form.

The fruits of the chestnut has 25 flavonoids, saponins, estsil, purine bases, vitamin E, B vitamins, tannins, starch, fatty oil, sterols.

The main effect of the chestnut - is to increase the resistance of blood vessels. Therefore, in folk medicine chestnut is used primarily for varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis prevention, post-traumatic lesions of veins, vascular spasm, strengthening the walls of capillaries and veins than promotes the resorption of blood clots in the blood vessels and prevents their formation, dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure.



Witch hazel (Hamamelis) - genus of deciduous shrubs from the family hamamelidaceae (Hamamelidaceae). In nature, grow witch hazel in the woods and along river banks in East Asia and North America.

The fruits of witch hazel contain a high percentage of essential oil and witch hazel bark and twigs Virginia - binders, so are used in medicine and perfume industries. Hamamelis has a very valuable medicinal properties.The leaves of witch hazel rich in flavonoids, as well as a special group of substances - tannins. Tannins have a pronounced astringent properties, and antibacterial action. In the composition of cosmetic products witch hazel softens the surface layer of the skin, promotes the contraction of enlarged pores due to antibacterial properties, prevents inflammation. Broth witch hazel is often recommended for skin that is prone to fat, inflammation.

Medicinal properties of witch hazel is used in medicine. It helps to drain fluid from the large vessels and strengthen the vascular walls, so helps prevent varicose veins.

Hamamelis has astringent and anti-inflammatory action, stops minor bleeding. It affects shell veins causing relaxation of the venous wall, followed by stagnation of blood.

Hamamelis widely used in capillary fragility and venous insufficiency.

Contained in the leaves of Hamamelis tannin, essential oils, flavonoids and strengthen blood vessels, increase venous tone, possess anti-inflammatory, astringent, hemostatic effect.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Witch hazel for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, dysmenorrhea, bleeding.


Apply small amount of cream on the clean skin of the legs and rub it in with massage movements until the cream completely absorbed.

50 ml

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